Outlook Traveller Magazine

Outlook Traveller Magazine


Outlook Traveller February Friday 01 2019
Outlook Traveller - February 2019
Outlook Traveller January Tuesday 01 2019
Outlook Traveller - January 2019

We kick off a new year of travel with 12 travel ideas, one for each month of the year. GUJARAT, DODITAL, MEGHALAYA, SOUTH AFRICA, SERBIA, ISTANBUL, AUSTRALIA, ODISHA, SOUTH KOREA, CHHATISGARH, QATAR, MACAO Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller December Saturday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - December 2018

Year End Special ISLAND IDLLYS: This issue of Traveller takes you to some of the finest island destinations in the world, including the likes of Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kurumgad, Langkawi. Somewhere Else?, Arunachal The Tamara Kodai, Sara ali khan, Bahrain Air Show, Kashmir Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller November Thursday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - November 2018

The City Issue: we visit and fall in love with a few exciting cities, some well-visited and others we hope you would. From Indian gems such as Mysore, Bhopal, Kolkata and Chennai, to international worthies like Cairo, Sydney, Brussels and Vancouver; each city is better than the last, and the next. There’s lots more besides: a Denmark sojourn, the best restaurant in the world, and charismatic Uzbekistan. Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller October Monday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - October 2018

The Wildlife Issue In this issue we bring you the best in wildlife. From dugongs to dragonflies, white tigers to dolphins, birding in Ladakh to leopards in Jhalana, this issue will tell you about the best wildlife experiences in India. We also have adventures from Wyoming, Wales and under the sea. There’s lots more besides: a meal in the Maldives, Filipino delicacies, and a story on Indians who’ve been to over 100 countries and counting.  Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller September Saturday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - September 2018

Will travel for food This issue is all about food. From Northeastern food in Delhi to the kitchens of classic Hyderabad restaurants, vegetarian delights in Los Angeles to breakfast tacos in Austin, food walks in the country you need to go on to the ultimate Bawa breakfast; this issue is a foodie’s dream  Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller August Wednesday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - August 2018

A picture-perfect holiday used to be every traveller’s dream. Now it’s a necessity in the Age of Instagram. In this issue, we showcase some of the most scenic destinations going. Bonus: ace travel photographers share tips and tricks for that perfect holiday shot.  Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller July Sunday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - July 2018

This issue we’re ‘High on Heritage’ and the past has never looked so exciting. Travel with us through the ages, one story at a time Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller June Friday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - June 2018

Timeless journeys In this issue we bring you tales about timeless journeys. From Varanasi to Ladakh, Antarctica to Easter Island; we bring you stories about places you must visit at least once. There’s lots more besides: edutainment in Hong Kong, and the Bakarwals. Subscription Now

Outlook Traveller May Tuesday 01 2018
Outlook Traveller - May 2018

Insider’s Europe In this issue we bring you the best of Europe from an insider’s perspective. Read about Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Holland and Estonia to plan for your next Europe adventure. There’s lots more besides: riding in Goa, and the ultimate guide to enjoying the football World Cup in Russia  Subscription Now


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Outlook Traveller Monthly Magazine February, 2019 Issue: Deep Dive Travel with a purpose, Somewhere else? Bahrain, Bum LA for Nostalgia, Food walk in hyderabad, Koltata Heritage stays, Temple trail in Kumbakonam

For the serious traveller, Outlook Traveller is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism. For those who prefer to travel in their armchairs, it lays out a sensual feast. Postcard pretty visuals, practical advice and atmospheric travel experiences make Outlook Traveller an engrossing and refreshing read. Outlook was first issued in October 1995 with Vinod Mehta as the editor in chief. The magazine is owned by the Raheja group. The publisher is Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. It features contents from politics, sports, cinema, and stories of broad interests.

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