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Savvy November Thursday 01 2018
Savvy - November 2018

“Farhan Brought his Ex-Girlfriend To our Wedding SUITE.. We fought like cats ‘N’ Dogs!” Chahatt Khanna, Tribute: Revisiting ALYQUE PADAMSEE’S ‘Savvy’ Encounter, Calling Your Spouse Impotent without proof? Beware!, CHIC Wintry Wardrobe Winners!, Bridal Bonanza Trousseau, Makeup & Rock Solid Relationship Cues Subscription Now

Savvy October Monday 01 2018
Savvy - October 2018

#METOO: The Fallout & Yourlegal Recourse, Sex Talk: The art of Fantasizing, Diwali Bonanza, India’s Inspirational Glamazons on their festive bonhomie…, I’m asked if the casting couch has something to do with my fame..”, Star comedian Bharti Singh on pulling out from the depths of despair & scaling lofty heights Subscription Now

Savvy September Saturday 01 2018
Savvy - September 2018

Revisited: designer Rehane’s hair raising story, hotelier Keshav Suri on how the SC verdict on section 377 IPC impacts him & the LGBTQI Community Super food: date syrup rules the palate, “Nawaz Siddiqui and i had a quiet understanding… there was seamless communication without trying!” Rasika Dugal, Breezing along with Tiffany haddish Subscription Now

Savvy August Wednesday 01 2018
Savvy - August 2018

My Father-in-Law called me a Whore!” Aarti Naagpal’s Shocking Marital life, Virtual Reality Porn & the rise of DigiSexuals, Sadhguru on living without possessiveness & attachment, Rewind Savvy: Shabana Azmi on women, Marriage, Cricket & film with Pakistan’s prime minister Imran khan, Independence day special: Hotshot global women politicians grab eyeballs while calling the shots Subscription Now

Savvy July Sunday 01 2018
Savvy - July 2018

Mehr Jesia’s fascinating past, revisited, sex talk: does frequency matter?, splashy monsoon trends: fashion makeup, hair & skincare, “whether it’s work a man, i seize it!” neha dhupia on her hunger for work & passion for angad bedi Subscription Now

Savvy June Friday 01 2018
Savvy - June 2018

34th Anniversary special superwomen rock the house!, Union minister maneka Gandhi’s stormy in-law tale, siddharth lets me be my own person and that, I think is very rare in relationships! vidya balan on her empowering martial & film choices Subscription Now

Savvy May Tuesday 01 2018
Savvy - May 2018

I am fed up of appeasing the sex maniacs in the film industry SRI REDDY strips to protest against sexual harassment in Tollywood, Trending! stylish headgear, sexy Biknis, Super deep ‘V’ N, Scrumptious Mango delicacies, rivetting! Mallika sarabhai’a Poignant life, Drepressed? Try online counselling, Alia Bhatt & anushka Sharma help you rock Your look! Subscription Now

Savvy April Sunday 01 2018
Savvy - April 2018

“Suresh Proposed to me over face time!” Priyanka Raina on cricketer husband Suresh Raina, batting for underpreivileged Moms & More…, Iconic Plus size model ASHLEY GRAHAM sizzles in SwimSuits!, Inspirational! Harsha Ashok Hinduja Summer Special! Scorching Fashion, Makeup, Food & Fitness Trends Subscription Now

Savvy March Thursday 01 2018
Savvy - March 2018

Womes’s Day Special, Sizzling! Fashion & Beauty Trends, Pankaj Gopinath Munde remembers her Dad’s words fondly as she forges ahead in politics & her personal life. Subscription Now


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Savvy Monthly Magazine November 2018 Issue: “Farhan Brought his Ex-Girlfriend To our Wedding SUITE.. We fought like cats ‘N’ Dogs!” Chahatt Khanna, Tribute: Revisiting ALYQUE PADAMSEE’S ‘Savvy’ Encounter, Calling Your Spouse Impotent without proof? Beware!, CHIC Wintry Wardrobe Winners!, Bridal Bonanza Trousseau, Makeup & Rock Solid Relationship Cues

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