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Tinkle Digest December Saturday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - December 2018
Tinkle Digest November Thursday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - November 2018
Tinkle Digest October Monday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - October 2018

Who is Pyarelal’s New Friend and how will they catch the thief who is terrorizing the villagers?
A shepherd consistently disobeys a Russian King’s rule about what should be said when he sneezes. Find out how the disobedient shepherd is dealt with in the Expensive Sneeze.
Rohit must go to The Weird Old Lady’s house to get his ball back. His friends say she is a witch. What is Rohit walking into! Read on to know what happens.
Pranav’s Dadi has taken responsibility for planning and hosting a football tournament victory party. Find out with Pranav and his friends how fun This Party will be!
A mother-in-law takes the easy way out and feeds her son-in-law plain rice since his favourite foods are all rice based. He decides to exact revenge. Know how that ends in Tit for Tat.
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Tinkle Digest September Saturday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - September 2018
Tinkle Digest August Wednesday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - August 2018
Tinkle Digest July Sunday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - July 2018

What’s Special? • A bar of chocolate and a fountain pen are enough to land Amar Sen a.k.a butterfingers in a tough spot. Find out what happens when Butterfingers Gets Inked. • Suppandi’s very excited about The Elephant Plant he’s bought for Rs. 200. Read The Adventures of Suppandi to know more. • Shikari Shambu’s holidaying in Mumbai. But his four legged wild feline pals aren’t far away. Discover who visits Shambu in Cub Scouts. • Learn how Dasrath Manjhi took on a seemingly tall and proud mountain with relentless labour and a Mighty Will. • Tantri the Mantri has got a horse to get rid of King Hooja. Will he succeed or will he cement Hooja’s belief that they’re True Friends? Also starring: Take a walk through the woods with Shrikant, Asif, Pia and Madhu to find out if they can be conquered by The Monsters in the Woods. Ina Mina Mynah Mo and their parents are all set for a fun day of relaxation and family time! But can they escape the Picnic Woes? How will The Lazy Couple make a living without standing up or getting up? Prince Abhaya could be the next king of Sumerpur, but only if he passes the reigning King’s tests. Will he?  Subscription Now

Tinkle Digest June Friday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - June 2018
Tinkle Digest May Tuesday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - May 2018

Tantri the Mantri longs to be the King of Hujli. Find out in A Matter of Opinion what happens when his dream comes true. Buddhuram tries to take a shortcut to a comfortable life. The outcome is revealed in The Stupid Thief.
Discover How the Dog Came to Stay with Man because of a basket of fresh peas and a dead rat!. Five year-old Nisha’s parents and grandmother are on Mission L.K.G Admission. Will it be accomplished? And how?

Also starring:

Accompanying a seven year-old to school should be easy. But if you’re Amar Sen a.k.a Butterfingers there may be challenges. Find out how Amar fares as the School Escort. Discover how patience could prevent the loss of 25 litres of milk to The Hasty Manager. Rohit and Ramu may be fed up of the Second Best title, but will they find a way to win the first prize for their last shot at becoming quiz masters?!
A mother is met with jackals on the way to deliver lunch to her son. Then the Jackals Came to Dinner! Join the meal to know more. Subscription Now

Tinkle Digest April Sunday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - April 2018

It’s Lajwanti’s birthday and Pyarelal has been putting a lot of thought into what to get his wife. Take a peek at Home Garden to find out what Pyarelal has in store for Lajjo! • What does a village astronomer and a drought-stricken village have in common? Let’s get to the bottom of it in The Rain-Maker. • Mr. Murthy’s grandchildren have no faith in his ability to cook. Can Mr. Murthy prove them wrong when he enters a cooking competition? The results are revealed in A Test of Taste Buds. • Amar Sen a.k.a Butterfingers’ classmates are excited. The school has a new subject this year… painting. Find out how Amar fares in art class in Butterfingers’ Masterpiece. Also starring: What happens when Volmer’s magic tricks are called ‘silly’ during a show, let’s find out in The Magician’s Revenge. How will a poisonous snake and a prickly thorn teach a sultan and his vazir about change? Know more in Changing with the Times. Doob Doob gives Chamataka a birthday gift with a bang. Surprisingly though Chamataka is not pleased! Find out why, in Kalia the Crow. Tantri the Mantri is after Hooja’s throne again, only this time there’s a leopard involved. Subscription Now

Tinkle Digest March Thursday 01 2018
Tinkle Digest - March 2018

King Rajendrarajan only eats dosas. But will a sudden stomach ache change his preference? Find out in The Idlis of the King.
Adventures galore await Janoo and Wooly Woo when Jilly Seal Makes a Wish to spend a day as a human.
Someone’s stolen the king’s precious gold coins! It’s time You Be the Detective and solve the mystery of A Story of Six Pence!
Dr. Angora has some evil plans for The Disintegrating Machine. Will Tamara and her uncle Dr. Venugopal manage to stop him in time?

Also starring:

The Brave Boy faces off with a wild gorilla. Find out who wins!

What can the river do to free the jackal of fleas? Find out in The Jackal and the Fleas.

It is difficult making friends in a new school. Learn from Kavish how to overcome being The Nobody.

Ammu and Anand are the stars of the school play. But what will happen when their good luck takes a Hairpin Bend? Subscription Now


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