Your credit card info is very secure on

Here is why : Unlike other websites, we do not capture or store any credit card information on our servers. All card information is directly passed by a secure (https) page to Credit Card Processor for payments. This is more secure than the method used by many websites.

When you use your card in physical outlets / stores, you leave behind your credit card number on the charge slips. To prevent others from merely using this number, insists that consumers also enter the CVV ( Credit Verification Value ), while entering credit card details. This number is typically available only at the back of your credit card number, to ensure that the person entering the card number has the physical plastic with him / her.

Sure…when you go for the final checkout, you will see an icon of a lock on the right side of the bottom taskbar of the browser. This is the guarantee of a secure connection. Clicking on it will give you additional information. If it shows less than 256 bits, then this is due to a lower version of your browser, which can be fixed with a simple update from the Microsoft website.

We assure again your credit card transaction and the online payment process are controlled by Credit Card Processor.